Many of us will experience at least a temporary disability during our lifetime. Accidents do happen and as a homeowner you could find yourself using a wheelchair or walker. As we age, getting around our home may become more difficult at times. Then we ask ourselves “How can I get up those steps or through that narrow door?” Preparing for this future need comes from far sighted homeowners, builders and remodelers who anticipate limitations and changing needs. As you age, you might consider selling your home to find something that accommodates your changing needs. Instead of going through the trouble of selling your home and relocating, leaving your friends and community, why not let FASCO Inc. give you even more reason to stay

Most of us would choose to live and stay in our own home rather than move to a nursing home or assisted living center. Your home can be remodeled, or modified to accommodate your needs and physical capabilities and conditions. A few minor home modifications can help you with home accessibility.

Contact FASCO Inc. to see how our experience in handicap wheelchair accessible home modifications and walk-in tubs, accessories for the elderly, senior citizen, or physically challenged, remodeling and construction can work for you. There are a wide range of accessibility and safety products for your home including a full line of bathroom accessories, grab bars, railings, shower units, shower and tub seats that we can install. We have accessible solutions for you and can make recommendations with your current and future needs taken into consideration so we can make your life easier!

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